2011-01-21 23:02:26 by bluecurse60

So...because of school work and such the project uploading is gonna be delayed longer than expected, but as long as March (hopefully, those with lives know things can get in the way). So that's it. Happy belated New Year also.


2010-12-05 21:42:19 by bluecurse60

Hey, the new project I'm putting up soon isn't as music heavy as I expected, but don't worry you'll still have plenty else to write about for it when it comes up.
Talk at you later!


2010-11-01 23:13:27 by bluecurse60

Please, for the next flash, also comment not only on the quality of the flash and plot and so on, but also on the music too. I know my first number wasn't the best animation on newgrounds, but the music had no mention at all. It's just a request not so much a demand. Thank you and hopefully the next project will get a better review.